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  • Some customers can be idiots. Do not let these customers get to you. They can be obnoxious, arrogant, and just plain rude. Do not let this get to you. If a customer has to take their miserable life on you that's their problem. Just ignore them. I abide by the rule that if a customer is rude to me I can be rude to them.

  • Don't make this your career goal. It may be a good job to have to make an extra buck or two but definitely not the career you want to try and make a living with.

  • Take your time counting change. I counted the change at least twice to verify that I am correct. It's better to be slow than to be short money at the end of your shift.

  • If a customer tells you to go faster slow down...this will teach them a lesson!

  • If you have no people on your line and want it to stay that way do not look out to the customers looking for a line to check out on. If you just stare out the window or somewhere else for some reason most customers will not do go to your line. If they do come to your line most of the time they feel the need to ask "are you open". This worked for about 2/3 customers who just went to the next line.

  • Everybody likes their bags a packed different. You are going to have customers that complain about your bagging. If this happens do not take this to the heart--It is impossible to make everyone happy especially supermarket customers. However you should try and bag cold stuff separately. Keep eggs separate and soft stuff on top. I always bagged the meat separate without asking and barely any customer will complain about that but if you bag it with other groceries with out asking the customer they may get angry.

  • If you turned off the register cashier light because your lane is closing do not be afraid to tell customers who don't see the light that "you are closed"! The lights are there for a reason. I don't know why the general stereotype of a cashier is that they "are too dumb for a real job" most customers can not even tell the difference between a light being on and one that is off!


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    I find that when a customer's being rude, if I continue to be really nice, and not show them that they're pissing me off, they tend to feel bad and get less rude..and often say 'thank you' at the end!!
      -Submitted by Donna_Patterson  from

    Response: You must be one of those customers that do half the stuff on my "things not to do list" and are defending yourself. If you do not stick up for yourself and let customers know that you will not take unnecessary bullsh*it from them it would lead to the customer thinking that the way they treat people is right, and it is not! I am nice to 85% of my customers but if you are being rude to me I am not going to be nice to you.

    How about I give you at least some what good advice "If the cashier is moving too slow, making errors, or not doing things how you like it, do not say anything rude to them because most likely that cashier is sick of rude people like you and has learned to ignore people like you." If you follow this advice then the cashier will most likely (1)not be rude to you (2) will be nice to you, and (3) you and your cashier will be in a much happier mood at the completion of your order. Thank you!

    Don't chat with another cashier, or you would really ignore them. It's really important to make the customer feel special or they would just think that you're not friendly. This is also another good tip so that you would pay attention to what you are doing or would be carried away with the chat and you won't even know that you just made a mistake to the customer

    Response: You must either be a customer or a supermarket manager. No cashier would give this advice. A cashier is a minimum wage worker with a crappy occupation. I think that they should try and make the best of their situation. Meaning make friends at work and converse with people at work. I worked at a small store and I knew everyone. We sometimes had fun at work. However, do not ever ignore the customer. If anything, include the customer in your conversation or do not talk while you have a customer. It is not important to make each customer feel special or care about what each customer thinks of you individually. A cashier's goal is to be timely, accurate, and courteous. If you are able to fulfill those three things than your customer's should walk out happy. If talking to another cashier conflicts with this goal then maybe you may consider keeping quiet.

    Watch Out
    There is a scam that happens in many supermarkets and other retail locations. A customer may come to your register with a small order(less than $1) he will give you a $20 bill then as your about to get change he will say something like "oh I found $1 bill instead" then when you give him the $20 back he quickly puts it (the $20 bill) out of your sight and shows you a $1 bill and may say something like "oh I need the $20 back not the $1". If you are confused that's just what they want. This scam works 9/10 times. Just make sure you pay attention to what the customer is handing you and what you are handing the customer! The people that pull this off are very quick changing the bills and that is how they fool people. If this happens to you go get your manager immediately.

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