Quick Shopping Tips

Note: This section is a shortened version of the "Supermarket Tips" page.

    Respect others:
  • Bring shopping carts to the designated areas so it does not hit a car or shoppers do not have to search for a cart
  • Do not go on an express unless you have a small order
  • Do not get on line until you are finished shopping. Do not load your things and then disappear for a while getting more items
  • Do not take forever to check out: 1.) Have your payment method ready when you get on line. If paying by check start to fill out the check. 2.)Do not take forever to get the change just so you can have the extra dollar bill. 3.)Check sale signs to see if you have the right sale item to avoid unnecessary price checks
  • Hand unwanted items to store employee or put them back on shelf

    Respect the Cashier:
  • Do not take your stress out on the cashier.
  • If you use a hand basket empty the basket onto the belt yourself...thank you
  • Hand the money to the cashier do not throw it at them or place on register
  • Put your produce into produce bags
  • do not yell at cashiers about store policies
  • do not call the cashier a sweetie, babe, honey, son, etc. This is rude!
  • Cashiers are people too...they make mistakes...Deal with it!

    For your Sake:
  • shop at non-busy hours (late at night, early in morning, avoid shopping on weekends)
  • Do not shop in a rush
  • Hand coupons and bonus savings cards to the cashier either before or after the cashier scans all your items not during the order.
  • Read Sale signs carefully
  • help cashier with packing
  • Be nice to everyone and they will be nice to you!*
            *Most of the time

Do not take your personal, family, or work stress to the store with you and express your negative attitude to the store representatives. We are not your shrinks, let loose on them please!

Remember that the Cashiers do not make any company decisions therefore do not yell at them for company policies. If you really want to relieve you anger talk to a store manager or even better ask for the number to the corporate headquarters.

Express Lanes: Avoid pissing off other people, the cashier, and the world in general and respect the express line signs. The person behind you is in just as much as a rush as you! more items DO NOT go on that line.

The cashier light: I haven't seen a supermarket with out light's to indicate whether a register is closed or opened. It's a simple thing to understand...if the light is on the lane is opened if the light is off the land is closed.

In a rush? Everyday people come to the supermarket in a rush. These customers are stupid to think that they can get out of a supermarket in a flash. If you do not have the time to shop then don't!! With one flick of a light bulb the lines in supermarket can turn into ones you see at an amusement park!!!

Sale Signs: Sometimes I would like to know if supermarket shoppers can read! To make sure you have the correct item on sale make sure the following items correspond to that on the sign:
  • the brand name
  • size of package
  • date of sale
If you follow these simple procedures you will barely have to wait on the checkout line for a "price check" and it will make the line flow faster.

Fruits and Veggies: The little plastic bags located in the produce department for you to use! They protect your fruits and veggies from acquiring germs and dirt. Use them! Everything from dog food to detergents to meat blood is on the conveyor belt! Do you like eating this stuff? I know I don't! Also, if you have quantities of a vegetable wrap them in the same bag so the cashier can ring them all up at once w/o searching for any others.

Would you like Paper or Plastic?
  • My suggestion: Use paper and plastic for the heavy things but for the rest use plastic. Save some trees!
  • Most cashiers heard enough stories about how those plastic ones ripped in your driveway and all your food went all over or how they don't make the bags like they use to and how the food goes all over your car with plastic bags so do not bother telling us, Thank you!

    Conveyer Belt:
  • THE CONVEYOR BELT MOVES!... do not place anything other than groceries on the conveyer belt...not your hands, not your purse, not your glasses, and definitely not your MONEY!!!! Cashiers will not be blamed for your stupid behavior!
  • Technology has changed now in most supermarkets the belt is operate by sensors, therefore the cashier does not control its movement!
  • Another thing is you should always separate your order from the other persons order. The cashier is too busy scanning the items it is impossible for them to remember when a customers order ends and another begins. Again, the cashier will not be blamed for your stupid behavior!

    Rejects: Here a simple idea: If you took an item off the shelf but no longer want to purchase that item:
  • Either put that item back on the shelf where you took it from
  • Or, hand it to the cashier before you check out!

    Giving Change: One thing you fellow shoppers should know is it does not make it easier for you to give the cashier change instead of breaking a dollar if it is going to take you 10 minutes to get the change!!! Save the change then turn it in to a bank or use those new counting machines at the supermarket to get an extra "bonus" at the end of the month or year.
    Also do not come to the register and try to pay a whole $10.00 bill with change. It takes too much time for the cashier to count, generating long lines that everybody hates.

    What did you call me? I never thought I had so many names until I started working at a supermarket. I have been called so many different things it is unbelievable. I had people call me: honey, babes, kid, dude, son, sunny, etc. My real name is on my name tag!!! You do not have to call me these ridiculous things I'm not your son, your baby your kid or anything else I have a name and if you want to call me by something use my real name!!! How would you like if I said to you "would you like paper or plastic dude?" or "How are you doing babes?" I do not think you will like it and I know I don't so just use my name or nothing at all!!!

    Loading your groceries on to the belt: You can make your order go a lot faster if you load your items on the belt in the proper way. Here is a good way to load your items:
    • Put all the heavy things on the belt first.
    • Put all perishables together and all produce together. Especially if you want them in the same bag!!!
    • Put all crushables last so they do not get crushed!!!

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